Young Thing

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Young Thing has started his career as a producer by composing and recording musical projects for local rising artists in his home studio since the age of 15. Later on he decided to produce for his own artist career.

Moving often between two cities YT joined Dj collective and local movement Technoborn in Barcelona where he often plays at local parties. He established his own music label Liako Records and releases local and international artists.

He also joined Price Tag Weekly show on Vicious Radio where his set is monthly broadcasted nationally all over Spain. In 2019 he signed releases under Stick Recordings and Onism Music.

Young Thing keeps up and organizes showcases for his record label by curating new artists around European countries.

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As a DJ Toton has never let the crowds down and has never made a compromise in his sound, but still managed to progress through the years and fuse Tech House and Techno in a bowl of psychedelic groove.

Brought up in a family and circle of musicians, Toton was encouraged to pick up an instrument from an early age… and then came the passion for the more extreme side of music, industrial with a deadly dose of Hardcore Punk and Death Metal on that pot.

From Metal to Techouse and Techno, it has been an interesting and a bumpy road for Toton in his 19 years of DJ career, a mountain of experience that has kept him at the forefront of the unique scene in Kosovo.

Currently busy in the studio producing music, expect a lot coming from him. Toton has played in and out of Kosovo, Switzerland, Germany, UK, Macedonia, Albania and Serbia.

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Revoice is an artist from the metropolitan area of Barcelona, immersed in the Berlin techno sound and Mediterranean energy. He has always been involved with music and cultural diffusion with such a character on his own.

He has evolved in thought and style during all these past years, from its first radio programs to its energetic and endless closings in the most up mind parties in Barcelona.

Known as founder of TechnoBørn in Barcelona, he is surrounded by an environment of entertainment artists, graphics and visuals to create a wonderful movement for the culture of sharing the sensations of techno music.

Influenced by the B side of the recent years of European techno, he offers an exhaustive end of the day, faithful and ground breaking in their sets.

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Hailing from the island of Cyprus in the Mediterranean Sea, RAT love for music and sound was expressed at a young age. He picked up the guitar and started numerous bands, growing strong as a performer in the local scene.

Rat’s productions have a distinct complexity in both sound design and synthesis; a skill developed through his studies and professional work as a sound designer, as well as poly-rhythmic and convoluted rhythmic patterns; an influence and homage to his progressive rock roots.

As RAT never picked up “>DJing, he decided to put his technical know-how to good use, and started playing live sets using a variety of analogue synthesisers, his guitar and Ableton Live as a sequencer and workstation.

His live sets are an emotional rollercoaster spanning from deep sentiment all the way to floor stomping rhythms.

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John Veloudis

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John Veloudis has been working on his skills in rhythms and beats in the shadow of Athens city. Inspired by many kinds of genres and cultures, his music is characterised by synthetic sounds transmitting imaginative joy and tribal motivational vibes.

John Veloudis has released his first track entitled “Blur” on Athenian Minimal Tech House label Bontek Music in 2017. As a Dj and producer he developed his skills by playing live at local club “Loco”.

Later one he signed his first EP untitled “Outcome” under Liako Records during the end of 2018 and his production skills has brought attention to the label. Liako Records rapidly signed his second EP entitled “Andromeda” in early 2019.

After having played at different local clubs, John Veloudis joined the Liako Records team to play at their Showcase in Barcelona during OFFSonar in 2019. Since then John Veloudis also released his latest EP entitled “Break Me” under his second stage name “Ion” on Cerebro Records.

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Carlos Fernandez

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Carlos Fernandez is the founder and owner of Price Tag Weekly founded in 2012. Price Tag Records Weekly is a Techno weekly radio show hosted by Vicious Radio and has more than 120 shows aired so far. Some of his guests are renowned artists as Skober, D-Unity, Fernanda Martins, Dave Sinner, Devid Dega and many more. Vicious Radio is the most renowed electronic music FM radio in Spain and is also available online and via TuneIn platform.

Carlos has released his first EP under Liako Records in July 2019 entitled “Mon Enfance”. The release includes “Mon Enfance” and “Dépayser”, which recreate the feelings of childhood experience of its composer through a french voyage.

In addition, Carlos also produces Techno music a duo with Marc Rey called “Slöck” . They perform live in hybrid mode. His productions have been edited by great labels of the techno like a Silver M, Focus Recordings, Stick Recordings or Republic Artists UK among others.

Carlos is also developing several other audio projects in parallel. One of them is focused of building his own line of custom MIDI controllers and brand them as musical toys targeted for kids to learn to make electronic music.