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John Veloudis has been working on his skills in rhythms and beats in the shadow of Athens city. Inspired by many kinds of genres and cultures, his music is characterised by synthetic sounds transmitting imaginative joy and tribal motivational vibes.

John Veloudis has released his first track entitled “Blur” on Athenian Minimal Tech House label Bontek Music in 2017. As a Dj and producer he developed his skills by playing live at local club “Loco”.

Later one he signed his first EP untitled “Outcome” under Liako Records during the end of 2018 and his production skills has brought attention to the label. Liako Records rapidly signed his second EP entitled “Andromeda” in early 2019.

After having played at different local clubs, John Veloudis joined the Liako Records team to play at their Showcase in Barcelona during OFFSonar in 2019. Since then John Veloudis also released his latest EP entitled “Break Me” under his second stage name “Ion” on Cerebro Records.