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As a DJ Toton has never let the crowds down and has never made a compromise in his sound, but still managed to progress through the years and fuse Tech House and Techno in a bowl of psychedelic groove.

Brought up in a family and circle of musicians, Toton was encouraged to pick up an instrument from an early age… and then came the passion for the more extreme side of music, industrial with a deadly dose of Hardcore Punk and Death Metal on that pot.

From Metal to Techouse and Techno, it has been an interesting and a bumpy road for Toton in his 19 years of DJ career, a mountain of experience that has kept him at the forefront of the unique scene in Kosovo.

Currently busy in the studio producing music, expect a lot coming from him. Toton has played in and out of Kosovo, Switzerland, Germany, UK, Macedonia, Albania and Serbia.