LR From Home #5 with KØMMEN

Liako Records From Home #5 special San Juan edition from 4:30PM (GMT +1) with KØMMEN. We are live from the wonderful heart city of Barcelona. Thanks to Tea Guarascio..

LR From Home #4 with John Veloudis

We are happy to stream live from the Loco bar located in the wonderful old harbour of Spetses Island, Greece. Starting from 7:30PM (GMT +1) with John Veloudis.

LR From Home #3 with Carlos Fernandez

Liako Records From Home #3 is just around the corner starting from 8:30PM (GMT +1) with Carlos Fernandez. This time we are playing live from the wonderful land of the century-old farmhouse in Empordà.

LR From Home #2 with Carlos Fernandez

Catch up with our second edition of Liako Records FROM HOME with our roster artists Carlos Fernandez playing at 8:30PM (GMT +1) on one of the most gorgeous rooftop of Gothico.

LR From Home #1 with Young Thing

We are delighted to introduce our roster artist Young Thing playing for our live streaming concept.

Milo Savic & Friends, a Tribute to Europe Show

Milo Savic, united with his artists & performers friends, live from Brussels (Mini-Europe park & iconic Atomium), delivers a unique & fairy tale show, to do a tribute to Europe, impacted by Covid-19, collecting donations with Foundation King Baudoin & #LIVE2020 to help artistic & cultural scene.