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Liako Media News 62 Prysm Club Insolite nº1 Gioia Seghers Eleonore De Margerie Event Aftermovie Video

Prysm Club Insolite nº1
Early June 2017

Filmed and edited the aftermovie video of the event organised by the Prysm Club at the workshop of Gioia Seghers and Eleonore De Margerie.

Liako Media News 61 AmCham Belgium On 100 Seconds Corporate Video

AmCham Belgium in 100 Seconds
Late May 2017

Filmed and edited the corporate video for the American Chamber of Commerce including partners like Coca-Cola Services, Hewlett Packard Entreprise, 3M Jones Day and ING.

Liako Media News 60 L'Open Store Opening event Aftermovie Video

L'Open Store Opening Aftermovie
Early December 2016

Filmed and edited the aftermovie for L'Open Store shop opening day. The store sells local clothing companies, second hand clothings and much more.

Liako Media News 59 Hype Pop Run 2016 Radio Advert

Hype Pop Run Radio Advert
Late October 2016

Recorded and edit the radio advert for the Hype Pop Run marathon event of 2016 for Radio Contact.

Liako Media News 58 Sail Aegean Promotional Video 2016

Sail Aegean Promo Video
Mid October 2016

Filmed on location and edited the promotional video for Sail Aegean marketing campaign of 2016-2017.

Liako Media News 57 Apero Belge Parc d'Enghien

Advert Sound Recording
Early July 2016

Recorded and edited the sound for the upcoming event "Apero Belge" happening at the parc d'Enghien.

Liako Media News 56 Theatre Comedie Voltaire H Triti Opsi

Theatre Play Filming
Mid May 2016

Filmed and photographed the theatre play by Dimou Agelousis directed by Aristide Lavrentzos at Theatre Comedie Voltaire".

Liako Media News 55 Princess Duvalli Soul Scam EP

Princess Duvalli New Single
Mid April 2016

Composed and produced Princess Duvalli new single entitled "Soul Scam".

Liako Media News 54 Theatre Marni Antigone

Theatre Play Filming & Sound
Early April 2016

Filmed and captured the sound of the theatre play entitled "Antigone" by Jean Anouilh adapted in greek language by Voula Kagiasa at the Theatre Marni.

Liako Media News 53 Dj Heurch Web Page Design

Dj Heurch Web Page Design
Early February 2016

Designed the new web page for Heurch promotional campaign as Dj and artist.

Liako Media News 52 Stellita Loukas Filming Tutorials

Stellita Loukas Video Tutorials
Late January 2016

Filmed the video tutorials for music composer Stellita Loukas about Nuendo 7 for Game Audio published on the Steinberg Youtube platform.

Liako Media News 51 Yanni Iliadis Promo Branding

Yanni Iliadis Promo Branding
Mid January 2016

Designed the poster, flyer and cover for the artists next live concert.

Liako Media News 50 Sail Aegean Summer 2015 Promotional Video

Sail Aegean Promo Video
Early December 2015

Filmed and edited the promotional video for the charter holiday company for the season of 2016.

Liako Media News 49 Pang Turn Up the Beet Greenpeace Belgium

Greenpeace Music Production
Early October 2015

Composed, recorded and produced the song entitled "Turn Up the Beet" by Pang for a promotional campaign made by Greenpeace Belgium against pesticides on the markets.

Liako Media News 48 The Infernal Machine by Jean Cocteau at Comedie Voltaire

Theatre Filming & Photography
Late May 2015

Filmed and photographed the theatre play of Jean Cocteau at the Comedy Voltaire Theatre adapted in greek language by Aristide Lavrentzos.

Liako Media News 47 Milo Savic at Belgian Prid for PS filming

Belgian Pride Filming
Early May 2015

Filmed Milo Savic playing at the Belgian Pride in the center of Brussels on the PS political party bus for his next promotional video.

Liako Media News 46 La petite Gervaise Web Design

La petite Gervaise Web Design
Mid April 2015

Designed the web page for belgian kids clothing designer Gervaise Gournay for her brand "La petite Gervaise".

Liako Media News 45 Filothea at European Cultural Foundation Bozar

Filothea at ECF Bozar
Late March 2015

Filmed footages with Filothea for the Greek and Ukrainian press at the European Cultural Foundation Bozar where Princess Margriet has given the award for culture.

Liako Media News 44 Sail Aegean Web Design

Sail Aegean Web Design
Mid February 2015

Re-designed the sailing yacht charter company's web page for the season 2015-2016. The web page is also available in 6 different languages.

Liako Media News 43 Milo Savic Video Trailer 2014

Milo Savic Video Trailer
Mid December 2014

Filmed and edited the official 2014 video trailer for Milo Savic entitled "Slice of Dj Life". The four minute long video shows the usual life of the dj including radio shows, live events and television intervies.

Liako Media News 42 Sakti Yoga Web Page

Sakti Yoga Web Page
Early December 2014

Webmastered the web page and the blog for Sakti Yoga in Brussels. Sakti Yoga offers personal yoga training and yoga for kids classes.

Liako Media News 42 NightBirds Halloween Party 2014

NB Halloween Photography
End October 2014

Photographed the official photos for the NightBirds Halloween Party of 2014 at Le Cercle Club.

Liako Media News 41 NightBirds Photoshoot 2014

NB Halloween Photoshoot
Mid October 2014

Photographed a photoshoot in Bois de la Cambre for the NightBirds upcoming promition for their Halloween Party on the 31st of October.

Liako Media News 40 Cesec Stage 24H Vélo Louvain 2014

Cesec 24H LLN Photography
Mid October 2014

Photographed djs and crowd on the Cesec Stage at the 24h Vélo Louvain-La-Neuve Festival, including Milo Savic, and Thom Rise.

Liako Media News 39 Klingande & Arnold Sax Spirito Brussels

Klingande Spirito Photography
Early October 2014

Photographed Klingande and Arnold Sax supported by Milo Savic for the first event edition of "We love to dance" organised at the Spirito Brussels.

Liako Media News 38 Sail Aegean 2014 Summer Trip Video

Sail Aegean Summer Trip Video
Early September 2014

Produced another promotional video for Sail Aegean company. The video is about six friends on an amazing sailing trip in the Sporades islands, Greece with Sail Aegean one of Sail Aegean boats Jeanneau SO 51.

Liako Media News 37 Snaaserie Festival Episode 4 Luxembourg Factory 12

Snaaserie Festival Photography
Mid July 2014

Photographed the official photos for the fourth edition of the Snaaserie Festival at Factory 12 in Luxembourg. Drum and Bass artists including Audio, Annix, Sukh Knight and Alpha were firing up the main stage all night long.

Liako Media News 36 Beat of the Bang Video Clip

Beat of the Bang Video Clip
Late May 2014

Produced the video clip of band Late Night Sessions latest track entitled "Beat of the Bang". Lead singer has been portrayed around Brussels city center expressing his feelings in memory of those lost in Kampala, Uganda on the 11th July 2010.

Liako Media News 35 Theatre Photos The importance of being Ernest by Oscar Wild

Theatre Photos & Video
Mid May 2014

Filmed and photographed the play "The importance of being Ernest" at the theatre Comedie Claude Volter, which has been adapted in greek language by Aristide Lavrentzos.

Liako Media News 34 Lambdatone λtone Web Page

Lambdatone Web Page
Early May 2014

Designed the new page of producer, remixer and dj Lambdatone. Find Lambdatone music, videos and additional content including booking information on his official web page.

Liako Media News 33 Princess Duvalli Web Page

Princess Duvalli Web Page
Early April 2014

Designed the brand new web page for Princess Duvalli who is an Artist and Dj performing in clubs, weddings, and other special parties. You can find performing dates, music and photos on her web page.

Liako Media News 32 Eueyes Press Agency Web Page

Eueyes Partnership
Late March 2014

Designed the brand new web page for eueyes press agency. Liako will be shooting photos for the press engency and providing consultancy for its clients.

Liako Media News 31 MEP Awards 2014

MEP Awards 2014 Promo Video
Early March 2014

Filmed the members of the european parliament awards ceremony and made interviews with the winners and the sponsors. The MEP Awards are organised by Dods for The European Parliament Magazine

Liako Media News 30 Konstantin Stefanovitch Web Page Design

Konstantin Stefanovitch Page
End February 2014

Designed ade the official web page for abstract paintings and carcoal drawgings well known artist Konstantin Stefanovitch. You can browse all his projects on his web page.

Liako MediaNews 29 Belga Construction Web Page Design

EOT at Salon Des Vacances
Early February 2014

Photographed the Greek Tourism Organisation brand new stand at the Salon Des Vacances this year. Companies including Sail Aegean gathered to promote holidays in Greece.

Liako Media News 29 Belga Construction Web Page Design

Belga Construction Branding
Mid January 2014

Created the entire brand marketing including logos, designs and web page for a new startup client Belga Construction sprl. Belga Construction provides interior and exterior construction, renovation and household appliances

Liako Media News 30 Dj Heurch Web Page Design

Dj Heurch Official Web Page
Mid December 2013

Designed the new web page of Dj Heurch. You can find information on his live performances, interview photo galleries and a lot of other stuff.

Liako Media News 28 Sail Aegean Advert

Sail Aegean Advert
End November 2013

Filmed and produced the official adverts of sailing holidays company Sail Aegean. Sail Aegean will promote the video at the Boot Show in Dusseldorf on 18-26 January 2014

Liako Production Services and Consultancy Media News 27 Tinush Interview

Tinush Interview
Mid November 2013

Interviewed Tinush at Mr.Wong Night Club in Brussels after his gig on the 14th of november. Tinush is a melodic tech house dj and producer from Berlin.

Liako Media News 26 NightBirds Events Teaser

NightBirds Events Teaser
Late October 2013

Prepared the video teaser for NightBirds Events events. NightBirds kicked off with a Halloween party on the 31st of November.

Liako Media News 25 NightBirds Events Living Wild Photography

Living Wild Photoshoot
Early October 2013

Made a photoshoot on location for the marketing strategy of NightBirds Events in Brussels. NightBirds organises events around Brussels.

Liako Media News 24 Night Circles 2 Photography

Night Circles 2
Early October 2013

Filmed on location and produced the aftermovie for the second Night Circles event that happened at the 24h Velo Louvain-La-Neuve Festival.

Liako Media News 23 Greece Summer Timelapse video

Greece Summer TimeLapse
Late September 2013

Filmed and produced a few days of Timelpase/stop motion sequences during easter and summer 2013 around Greece.

Liako Media News 22 b NightBirds Events Web Page Design

NightBirds Events Web Design
Mid September 2013

Designed the web page for the upcoming events of NightBirds happening around Brussels. NightBirds organises special events, afterworks, dj sessions and many more.

Liako Media News 22a Expats in Brussels Video

Expats in Brussels
September 2013

Filmed and produced the promotional video for Expats in Brussels web page. Expats in Brussels is the official catalogue for expatriates in Brussels.

Liako Media News 21 Debtfool Short Film Foley Recording

Debtfools Short Film
Early August 2013

Recorded foley sounds for the short film "Debtfool" directed by Philippos Vardakas and Despina Ekonomopoulou.

Liako Media News 20 Sail Aegean Experience Short Promo

Sail Aegean Experience
Early August 2013

Filmed and produced all promotional videos made for the Belgian/Greek yacht charter company Sail Aegean. More footages to come soon.


Magnesia Photos
Late June 2013

Traveled to the wonderfull region of Magnesia situated in Central Greece for capturing landscape and rural photography.

Liako Media News 18 Eurema Web Page Webmaster

Eurema Web Page
Late June 2013

Eurema stands for European Real Estate Management Activities and is based in Brussels. Managed the structure and content of the page as webmaster and database maintainer.

Liako Media News 17 Sail Aegean Web Page Webmaster

Sail Aegean Web Page
Mid June 2013

Sail Aegean is a sailing charter company based in Brussels. Re-designed and re-structured their web page to be available in five languages on seven different domains.

Liako Media News 16 Layal Jewellery Store Photography

Layal Jewellery Store
Early June 2013

Layal is an extravagant Jewellery located in Glyfada, Greece. Layal is making unique handmade shoes bags and jewellery. Here are some photos taken for marketing purposes.

Liako Media News 15 Villars Short Video

Villars Short Video
Late May 2013

Travaled to Villars in Switzerland for a snowboarding adventure with good friends during easter holidays. Filmed with a head mount GO Pro HERO2.

Liako Media News 14 Hitaltech Brochure Design

Hitaltech Brochure Design
Early May 2013

Designed the brochure and poster for the Belgian based lighting technology company Hitaltech for marketing purposes at exhibitions.

Liako Media News 13 Imam Baildi Live Bozar Photography

Imam Baildi Live
April 2013

Photographed Imam Baildi where thay played live in Brussels at the Balkan Trafik, Bozar. Look at the complete photo album of the event.

Liako Media News 12 Night Circles Official Aftermovie

Night Circles Aftermovie
March 2013

Night Circles unites students from across Belgium with the very best music, prices and atmosphere. Filmed on location the event and produced the aftermovie.

Liako Media News 11 Belgian Boat Show Gent 2013 Photography

Belgian Boat Show Gent
February 2013

The 25th Belgian Boat Show saw most of the greatest motor and sailing boat companies gather together in Gent to show their latest technologies and innovations available on the market. Here are the photos of the event.

Liako Media News 10 Saveurs de Crete Christmas Market Photography

Saveurs de Crete
December 2012

Saveurs de Crete is a Beglian company that imports food and drinks from Crete. They are mostly present on all markets around Brussels. Here you can find photos of the Christmas market at St. Catherine, Brussels.

Liako Media News 9 Milk Crisis Protest European Parliament Protest

Milk Crisis Protests
Late November 2013

Farmers around Europe angry about milk prices protested in front of the European Parliament building at the Place du Luxembourg and set up blockades in some streets in Brussels with their trucks and tractors. Traveled on location to photograph the event.

Liako Media News 8 Nautical Tourism in Greece 2012 Photography

Nautical Tourism in Greece
Early November 2012

A event presentation was held at the Greek Embassy of Brussels on Greek sailing charter companies based in Brussels. Here are some of the photos.

Liako Media News 7 500px.com Photography

Photography Services
October 2012

Capturing photogrphy for events and photoshoot on location. Here is a selection of photos on sale.

Liako Media News 6 Sympan Project 2012 Short Documentary

Sympan Project
May/August 2012

Sympan is a documentary project produced by Alia Schaefer. You can watch the short version of the movie here. Full version is only available as a physical medium on Blu-Ray in 5.1 surround sound. For orders contact hi@liako.eu

Liako Media News 4 First Impression Promo Video

First Impression Video Promo
February 2012

First Impression is a camera chest mount test of the GO Pro HERO2 on skateboard. There are no specific tricks, just riding around the skate park around 7:00 AM at Victoria Park, East London.

Liako Media News 3 Summer Under Water Short Documentary

Summer Underwater Short Doc
August 2011

Summer Underwater is a documentary by Alia Schaefer. This short film experiments video footages under the sea combined with original music compositions. Traveled around islands in Greece to bring you beautiful images from a different angel.

Liako Media News 2 The Border Crossing Documentary Post-Production

The Border Crossing Doc
June 2011

Worked in collaboration with Director Jill Daniels on her documentary entitled "The Border Crossing". Made the post-production and composed the music for the documentary.

Our aim is to be different and creative in a world of new economy. We act natural, responsive and understand the client. Our mission is to make what we love to do and keep it as long as it runs. We are based in Brussels, BELGIUM and also work with clients through the web.
We are a fresh small company and can provide a lot of skills. We have a strong promotion online and are proud of what what we are and what we create. We also act as a media consultant, whether the client needs advice or needs help.
Liako is a media production services company that specialises into audio, visuals, photography, and design. We provide services through price packages within four qualified artistic areas. These services apply to products such as music, advertisment, animation, documentaries, films, design, applications and games. Our job is to create professional final output content to our clients and public. We are here to interact, solve problems and make good business.
We are committed to provide high quality media services for individuals, organizations and businesses that are specialised into specific products in their related fields and whom wish to develop a strong marketing strategy. We provide services packaging solutions for a variety of digital media types that can be ordered through the web platform. The distinction that we provide is the flexibility given to the client by offering our services available to be produced through the web by a responsive and efficient team.
The result of capitalism with its monopolies and the aftermath of the cultural convergence have merged the old artistic industries into a single industry. The entertainment industry is the new business and yet through a variety of digital content online.
Technology and innovation have brought us the ability to enhance our skills through self-learning. It has tought us to work faster with more efficiency. It has also brought us the choice of working independently.
DIY artists and small companies/labels have emereged and specialised themselves in a range of creative products. Liako is one of them. But the difference is that Liako specialises in all types of digital content.
"Prepare for your careers, develop a passion for new challenges, be critical thinker, problem solver and lifelong learner."

"Develop relations in a spirit of self esteem and natural respect".

"Preparation is the lucky bit of your work".

"Space and time".
The pseudonym LIAKO comes from the short form of the Greek name 'Hlias' meaning the sun. The idea behind the concept is the syntax and praxis of solar systems in the universe which is a metaphorical comparison with this web platform and its sub-platforms.


A variety of professional microphones is available for recording the clients' needs. Insulated booth and natural reverb rooms are used to record the finest sound.

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Audio Editing is treated on professional systems with a variety of analogue and digital gear. Dialogue, foley, special effects and atmospheres are all edited with precision.

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Sound design is treated with a variety of organic recordings, virtual instrumentation and emulated sounds into compositions for music, adverts, films and applications.

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When it comes to mixing audio leave the process to a mixing engineer that has a fresh pair of ears to do the final tweaks and also to repair your work.

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We have the capability to master your songs/albums digitally at a quality that reaches commercial music for mediums including radio, tv, hifi, ipods and clubs.

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High quality and large size formats can be filmed on location. From 24 up to 240 fps capabilities of shooting including timelapse, macro and telescope filming.

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We provide video editing for length categories such as teaser editing of less than 1minute, short editing of less than 5 minute and long editing of less than 1 hour.

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Visual FX and classic types of animations such as 2D, titles and matchmove techniques are available to enhance the video context in depth.

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Color grading involves color correction for films. The final mastering of film output is an important treatment that we provide with care.

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Conversion processing consists of converting digital video data into the right codec file format for the wanted medium.

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The art photography service includes portraits, landscapes and artistic retouch and colour treatment for digital and printed use.

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Corporate photography consists on shooting portrait and/or group photos for events, businesses and organisations.

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The Product photography service includes design for advertising merchandise such as covers, postersan, banners for digital and printed use.

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Processing any type of photography including techniques such as High Dynamic Range, Camera RAW, panoramic and much more.

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Retouch editing consists of specific treatment and enhancement of your images that needs to look good for digital and printed use.

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The graphic design service provides all graphical component needed for marketing promotion packaging such as logos, banners, press kits and much more.

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Designing logos and typography for the image of corporate businesses and organisations. Copyrights are to be discussed.

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The web design service includes full web page package creation with structure, layout and design using coded languages.

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Web site maintenance provides help on technical, structural problems of a web page including maintenance through the year.

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Publishing editorial is a simple service of creating design and structure for booklets and brochures for digital and printed use.

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