Liako is a Record Label, an Artist Agency and a Creative Media merged under the same roof.


LIAKO is a record label, an artist agency and a creative media company merged under the same roof. We work together as a whole to provide a 360 degrees type spectrum for the artists. We are based in Brussels.


A group of kids used to skateboard around town filming different tricks to develop passion and style. Later they found themselves to compose and record music for fun in an underground basement.

Since then, one kid started his own production and found further interest in media creative productions. Later on, he recorded bands and artists of different genres and backgrounds.

After developing multiple skills, he moved to London to learn more about audio and visuals. Meanwhile he also learned the world of design and photography as a hobby. He worked as freelance creating projects for the industry, which became his new playground. Meanwhile he developed his concept named LIAKO.


The pseudonym LIAKO comes from the short form of the Greek name “Hlias” meaning “Sun”. The idea behind the concept is the syntax and praxis of solar systems in the universe. Mainly used as a metaphorical comparison to the main media business being represented as the core surrounded by its artistic departments represented as the solar systems’ planets.


The result of capitalism with its monopolies and the aftermath of the cultural convergence have merged the old artistic industries into a single industry. The entertainment industry is the new business and yet through a variety of digital content online. Technology and innovation have brought us the ability to enhance our skills through self-learning. It has taught us to work faster with more efficiency. Now the future of the music industry relies on artist management companies and so we also want to merge media activities to compliment the record label and the artist agency all under the same roof.


We believe that a record label, an artist agency and a creative media company have a common place where they should work together to work more coordinately efficiently and reach a stronger sales target as a whole. By merging these types of businesses as departments side by side, we create a new business model.

The idea is to coordinate the media services to create the artist product campaigns, to promote the artist with marketing strategy and to book the artist for live performances. It allow us to reach revenue from three different sources of emerging industries.

The business model key lies in the company structure and organization where the creative staff is divided under senior, junior and freelance. The seniors work more privately on the media content post-production of the record label and the artist agency where as the juniors work on the media services post-production for our clients. The freelance work on location capturing the ruff content of audio, visual, photography and design needed for juniors and seniors to work on post-production.